memory (ongoing)


Dall E
memory is an AI-translated poetry and artist-AI conversational imagery. Each image frame is generated based on the previous image by the prompt the artist fed to Dall E. Every prompt is each line of a poem written by the artist, which depicts a nostalgic place in her memory. The artist’s memory is translated by the machine learning algorithm to a long stanza of the image. To whom this memory belongs now? The artist? The viewers? The developers of Dall E? Or the anonymous owners of the massive dataset that the developers used to train Dall E?

“Artificial Intelligence” is a myth created to hide the “real” backend of technology. In any case, the memory AI interprets is not recognizably specific to any owners since it is abstracted by the seemingly magical technology of machine learning or so-called AI. Who owns this memory? The question is vital because AI technology is greatly mystified by big tech companies. Magical imagery and a god-like classification system are machine training that constantly extracts human labor and natural resources.

Thus, this conversational making process of artwork reveals the anonymous ownership of datasets by intentionally making mistranslations while giving an ambiguous prompt from a poem. The artist’s memory is de-personalized, abstracted, but seemingly magical, like how AI technology is structured.