2023                Vanitas
2022                Still There
                      Yours Truly


2015-2018    Video Design
2018-2019    MVs
2014-2016    Scenography


2023            Vanitas
                     V.1 Spring
2021                TWYWM

Sae Oh(b.1993) is a San Francisco & Seoul based multidisciplinary artist, designer, and poet. Her research area is centered around how human memory is constructed, de-constructed, and re-constructed in response to changing heterotopian landscapes in the contemporary world.

She received a BA in Theatre & Film Design from Chung-Ang University in Seoul, 2017. Years of study in spatial design in a narrative context has expanded her practice into video production in live performances and experimental music videos. In her commercial works, she has produced art videos for clients such as J HWA and Theatrical Laboratory Machal from 2015 to 2018. Alongside these works, she has published a fiction, Tomorrow Where You Were Me. This inspired her to delve into programming-based art to use digital technology as a mediator between the artist’s text and the viewer’s individual contextualization. She received an MFA in Digital+Media at Rhode Island School of Deesign in 2023. In her current art practice, Sae is interested in creating a multidisciplinary physical installation composed of images, texts, and sound to construct a viewer-contextualized meta-immersive experience in a gallery space. 

Sae’s works have been exhibited as part of multiple exhibitions worldwide including Transitory Void in Boston Cyberarts Gallery and No Longer Transparent in Providence Gelman Gallery, and she has collaborated as a creative video director for artists such as Theatrical Laboratory Machal, Shona Kitchen, and Tess Oldfield. She has an upcoming solo show in CICA Museum in South Korea in December, 2023.

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photo by Yerim Han