2023    Vanitas
2022    Still There


2023  Vanitas
2021    TWYWM


2015-2018   Video Design
2018-2019   MVs
2014-2016   Scenography



Video Installation

2 channel video installation
December 4-5 2021, Fletcher Building #606, RISD

Letters were made based on a delayed conversation between two friends living in distant lands during the COVID year. One channel was shot by Zuhui Kang, and another was shot by Sae Oh, within a similar time frame but at a distance.

This piece started when Sae sent an email suggesting exchanging videos like exchanging letters. Zuhui misunderstood the idea, lost her passcode to her Gmail account. 5 months later, Zuhui finally sent Sae her 45 pieces of 15-seconds video footages of her past months. Sae walked through the video collection, and some of the footages reminded her of her video footages from the period of time. So she walked through her video collection, and some of them reminded her of Zuhui’s videos. Sae combined two video collections at a rhythmical pace like a conversation andd projected them onto the walls facing each other.