Letter to Dujo


Mixed media
research process in a book
Letter to Dujo is a participatory installation where the viewer can sit between two music stands to read, watch, and listen.

Dujo is my deceased grandmother's unofficial name that only my mother remembers. A letter on one music stand is Dujo's letter written to her daughter when she was studying abroad in the 1980s. It was written horizontally on a letter paper in a vertical direction, misusing the colonial residue. Following this manner, the letter was translated into English on a music paper. In the video on the other music stand, Dujo’s granddaughter recites the letter, which is soon translated into string ensemble sound.

Through this installation, I imagine reinventing the way of inheriting memory.

No Longer Transparent, Nov 4–Dec 11 2022, Gelman Gallery, Providence RI

No Longer Transparent, Gelman Gallery, Providence RI (2022)

Essays written in research process (full research reader linked above)

1 minute excerpt from Letter to Dujo (2022)