Sae Oh is an interdisciplinary artist based in NYC, Providence, and Seoul.

She works with lossy data and glitch created when technology translates data, and when the brain translates memories. Recently, her interest has centered around ways of looking at a city through the lens of the city’s heterotopia, such as construction sites, alleyways, and vacant lots.

Sae is a former resident artist at Monson Arts, and her works have been exhibited in multiple galleries internationally including Floor Seoul, CICA Museum, and Boston Cyberarts Gallery. She has collaborated as a video designer with artists and creative studios such as Theatrical Laboratory Machal, Shona Kitchen, and Tess Oldfield. She received an MFA in Digital + Media at Rhode Island School of Design, and a BA in Theatre & Film Design from Chung-Ang University.

Sae is currently a Critic/Lecturer in Rhode Island School of Design in Experimental Foundation Studies and Computation, Technology, and Culture. She will participate in Uncool Artist Residency program in NYC from July.

오세정은 뉴욕, 프로비던스, 서울을 기반으로 작업하는 다매체 예술가이다.

기술이 정보를, 그리고 뇌가 기억을 번역하는 과정에서 필수적으로 수반되는 정보의 누락과 오류를 재료로 작업한다. 최근에는 공사장, 골목길, 공터 등 도시의 헤테로토피아를 통해 도시성을 대유적으로 파악하는 데에 관심이 있다. 현재 Rhode Island School of Design 에서 강의하고 있다.
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